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  • UV LED Module + TiO2 filter Kit


    Air pollution is getting worse and worse these days. Our suggestion for air disinfection is 'UV LED Module and TiO2 Kit.'

    It is a very High VOCs removal efficiency and designed for stable immobilizing TiO2. It is Toxic residue-free and RoHS chemical-free.

  • A customized Airshot

    Airshot - Custom Service

    You can have your own customized Airshot series. Start business with your desired products. Airshot series, portable air purifier can disinfect wherever you want. It is compact and easy to use. It also looks great on everywhere.

    Airshot Omni has 4colors, white, black, blue, pink. Airshot Road has 2colors, white, black. However, we can customize your own color or identity.

  • UVC Modeling Image

    UVC Module Launching

    Acro-solution is a very flexible and high performed customized module developer with Led and UV Led. So we started to produce customized UVC Led modules for customers worldwide.

    As we produce all in South Korea to keep high quality, you can be confident about our performance. If you have any idea or concept in your mind, please come to us to make it happen.

PCO technolohy for air disinfection

Airshot series uses powerful disinfection technology called ‘Photocatalytic Oxidation.’ (calls as ‘PCO.’) Our products use UVA Led and TiO2 coating ceramic filter to creates hydroxyl radical (calls as ‘OH Radical’)
‘OH Radical’ is 2nd most robust natural material in the air, and it can disassemble and eliminate all kinds of pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOCs. ‘Fluorine’ is more potent than ‘OH Radical,’ but it’s harmful to human so cannot be used for air disinfection technology. ‘Ozon(O3) and CI2 also disinfect but weaker than ‘OH Radical’ and harmful to humans.
Therefore we can say ‘OH Radical’ is the best material in the world to disinfect pollutants in the air. To develop our secure solution, we spent over three years to get an idea ‘TiO2’ filter, so we are very confident that our ‘OH radical’ is much more durable than other PCO technology in the market.

TiO2 Filter, UV Module
Air Purifier Airshot series Air Purifier Airshot series
Disinfection UV LED Module + TiO2 Kit Disinfection UV LED Module + TiO2 Kit
Lighting Lighting
  • AM004BL AC Module
    Power 4.6 W
    Flux 330 lm
    CRI 80
    Efficiency 72 Lm/w
  • AM008BL AC Module
    Power 8.7 W
    Flux 850 lm
    CRI 80
    Efficiency 97 Lm/W
  • AM080SL-A0
    Series Connector
    Power 30 W
    Flux 3020 lm
    CRI 70
    Efficiency 100 Lm/w
  • AM095HB-A0
    Hight&Low bay
    Power 95 W
    Flux 9600 lm
    CRI 70
    Efficiency 100 Lm/w
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